November 29 2019


The wait is finally over, introducing the Black Hyperflex Seamless Set.
This is our most requested Hyperflex seamless leggings and crop colour EVER, and we're so excited to launch this colour for you guys finally... and guess what, to celebrate Black Hyperflex launching on Black Friday, it's 20% off! 

Now let's get into the details of your new favourite Hyperflex Seamless.


Now ladies, the Black Hyperflex Seamless Leggings & Crops, similarly to Black Impact, will fit you straight away like a second skin, unlike the brightly coloured Hyperflex and Impact Seamless sets which will take a little while to mould to your frame. So, if you notice that they look a little bigger than your usual sets, just know that we've done this on purpose and you should definitely buy your regular size! This is because a garment with black fabric, will be tighter and hold its shape more readily than it's brightly coloured counterparts. 

Any questions regarding your sizing please feel free to give us a shout via or find us on live chat and we can help you pick the perfect pair of Black Hyperflex Seamless.

two female models pose wearing Black Hyperflex Seamless leggings and crop in white studio


 The Hyperflex Seamless Leggings and Crop will be the same price as the existing Hyperflex colours available online. Which means the seamless leggings will set you back $82AUD and matching crop $48AUD.

Get yours today here

two female models pose wearing Black Hyperflex seamless leggings and crop in carpark

model poses wearing black hyperflex seamless crop and leggings outside

model poses against concrete wall outside wearing hyperflex black seamless leggings and crop