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The Vision

We're on a mission to build resilient humans.

Since our inception in late 2012, Doyoueven has had one intention; to help build resilient human beings through performance, innovation, sustainability and functionality.

Our Why // The Warrior’s Mindset:

At the heart of Doyoueven, we’re all about inspiring people to put their best foot forward; and that all starts with mindset. Our logo ‘The Mark’ is inspired by the Warrior’s mindset; an identifier that symbolises the ultimate state of readiness, the last action before facing adversity, the ‘Mark’ on their face that says “I’m ready”.



the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect. "The juxtaposition between the Warrior and the Athlete"

Doyoueven understands the mentality of every Warrior and every athlete, the juxtaposition between the warrior and the athlete, and that every human being has the ability, through hard work and dedication, to become a Warrior.

In October 2012, an aspiring lawyer in his final year of university discovered his true passion in life. Inspired by his own love of all things health and fitness, from a small suburb in Melbourne, Australia, Eddy Ozturk became obsessed with understanding the unique mindset of athletes, and Doyoueven was born.

Doyoueven began by offering individual, customised apparel, designed to evoke passion within the tight-knit gym and fitness community. Almost overnight, the Doyoueven brand became a staple in the local Australian gymgoer community, and after only a few short years became an internationally recognised fitness brand that helped spearhead the global activewear movement to what it is today.

After nearly 10 years, our passion for health and fitness, and commitment to producing activewear of the highest quality is stronger than ever! We truly believe that we play a small role in catalysing you, the Doyoueven community, to feel like you’re ready to take on any challenge that lies ahead.  By wearing ‘The Mark’ you embody the very nature of a Warrior, ready to Leave Your Mark.