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Sustainability Roadmap

Leave Your Mark with Doyoueven, without Leaving a Mark

We're on a mission to build resilient humans.

At the heart of Doyoueven is the ideal of inspiring people to put their best foot forward. We truly understand the mindset of every warrior, a resilient mentality that's prepared and ready for battle, embodied by the notion to Leave Your Mark. Symbolising a state of readiness, 'The Mark' ignites the flame bringing out your inner warrior.

'The Mark' infers a decision to make daily conscious efforts for continuous improvement, to make a meaningful impact on your life, and inspire others to do the same. A warrior mindset naturally empowers us to dream big, to have confidence, and to commit. 'Readiness' evokes excitement, opportunity—and a healthy dose of fear in all of us.

And if we're honest, that's exactly how we felt when we kicked off our sustainability focus. It's a global issue and should be on the radar of every single human. How do we make a significant impact in leaving our mark on the world without leaving a mark at all?

So at Doyoueven, we're tapping into our mission and looking at sustainability a little differently. We don't want to leave the planet alone—we want to nurture her, feed her with goodness, and help mother nature thrive. And together with you, we aspire to build a community of resilient and mentally strong humans ready to tackle the world.

The key is transformation, which only occurs when someone commits to change, allowing something more to evolve. We'll do this with our warrior mindset, our readiness, and our belief that leaving your mark is more than just a saying—it's a physical statement of our resilience and strength..

Doyoueven Sustainable Clothing - Mens Planet Shorts - Copper

“I am so proud of what DoYouEven is achieving, our brand anchored in success, strength, and personal satisfaction.

None of this is possible without the right mindset. A strong mind unlocks our ultimate potential. This all holds true as we continue to work towards solidifying our Sustainability Roadmap.

But we can’t do this without you—the Doyoueven Army—with over two million global brand ambassadors leaving their mark in a positive way, leaving their mark without leaving a mark at all.

Let’s spark a movement together. Let’s Power a Pursuit of Progress. Together we will curate a world of mentally strong and resilient humans. With your support, we will empower the globe to chase down their dreams with a cheeky grin plastered on their faces as we do it!

Wearing DoYouEven apparel is a daily reminder you are worthy of greatness.

#Commit #DoYouEven #LeaveYourMark

Ediz Ozturk, Founder

Our Goals

We're here to build a more resilient world. Leaving our mark, without leaving a mark.

We are drafting our Sustainability Roadmap to ensure a brighter, stronger future. Our partners, our staff, our Doyoueven Army (that’s you!) will continue to step up and commit to achieving these new long-term goals:

Resilient People

Globally we're aiming to improve the lives of millions of people. No small thing, but we're confident we can empower people to prioritise fitness in their lives and highlight their role in creating a stronger world to live in. We'll achieve this by:

  • Supporting our global employee base and those of our suppliers, primarily through programs focused on health and wellness, education, and diversity and inclusion.
  • Supporting our communities through health and wellness and education programs, philanthropy, and encouraging volunteerism.
It is our pledge always to try our hardest, doing our very best to create resilient people worldwide.

Resilient Partner Relationships

The Doyoueven team are constantly working on modifying and improving our supply chain. However, we can't control the entire supply chain—we don't own the farms that grow the cotton or the factories that turn it into our finished goods. Buying from companies who process and make garments for us further identifies the importance of trust, humanity, and excellent working relationships. We wish to work with the best partners globally, and it's essential our external partners share the same values.

Our focus going forward will be continuous improvement. We want our suppliers to meet an internationally recognised sustainability standard, help us continuously reduce our carbon footprint, and together implement guardrails to define water, waste and emissions reductions. We hope to identify and support projects that help our manufacturing partners increase their resource efficiency while also protecting their livelihoods, working conditions, and the environment around them #LeavingAPositiveMark

Our brand-new Melbourne HQ has sustainability at its core. We have less waste, less plastic, fewer emissions, no disposable plastics, only recycled paper, and we'll continue to work on reducing this more and more.

Strong Products

Doyoueven prides itself on our quality and design features. Our customers forever tell us how much they appreciate the love and care we inject into every Doyoueven product.

This care and love now extends to a growing sustainability lens applied to our product development process. At every step in this process we're reviewing our processes and decisions, seeking if there's a smarter, more efficient solution.

We aim to eliminate single-use plastics in our product packaging, working towards 100% of our packaging being reusable or recyclable. Our garment polybags are already fully recyclable, with our postage satchels made from recycled materials and recyclable. In early 2022 we're moving towards a more sustainable, less-ink solution.

In addition, we're working towards using more sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics and materials in our men's and women's product range to minimise the impacts on the environment. Some of our top-rated items already have a beautiful and positive environmental story attached to them—Planet Shorts aptly named for this exact reason.

We will strive for garment design, production, and distribution processes focusing on reducing harm to people and the planet. Our design brief and development will ultimately influence the lifetime environmental impacts of the garment.

We will introduce garment labels that clearly communicate information on garment use, care, and recycling to help consumers avoid discarding items prematurely while minimising the environmental impact during washing.

We have moved to recycled garment swing tags and are considering removing these altogether, working with our customer base to determine feasibility.