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Can you believe it’s already Easter? 🍫🐰😱

**Warning – Eggs-treme overuse of Easter puns within this blog!**

There are not many certainties in life these days, eggs-cluding doms all week after a brutal leg session on a Monday, of course.

Thankfully, the one thing you can rely on is #TeamDYE bringing you an eggs- ceptionally cracking sale that not even the Easter Bunny can resist!

This is not just another hare-brained scheme or eggs-cuse to flip over another sale, far from it. We know how important eggs-ercise is to you, and how important it is to feel good while you’re doing it.

So with that in mind, we’ve spent the last few weeks in the DYE kitchen, baking up the biggest, most eggs-traordinary offer of the year thus far!

You’ll be hopping mad if you miss this, so without further hare-do, let's get into the fluffy deets!

- Up to 71% off, SITE WIDE!
- EVERYTHING on sale from 21% OFF
- No more cringeworthy Easter puns, promise!

Eggs-cel in Hyperflex at 31% OFF, eggs-ecute in Scrunch Seamless at 51% OFF, or simply eggs-plode with joy and shop all your favourite fits over these 4 eggs-tra special days!

Trust the eggs-perts, we know there is no bunny like you and you deserve this!

Ok, that’s a lot to handle, we get it.

By now, you must be eggs-hausted and there is probably no need to eggs-plain anything further.

So if you’re feeling a little clucky and bursting with eggs-citement, don’t wait until the sale eggs-pires, hop, leap, bounce, bound and jump to it!

Team, we love being part of your fitness journey and we know you’re all good eggs, getting after it and leaving your mark every single day. So ears to you! Enjoy an eggs-travigant Easter filled with lots of love, laughs, Chocolate Buns and plenty of Puns!