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DYE Scrunch Club

DYE Scrunch Club


The ones you've been waiting for... searching for... asking for... DYE Scrunch Seamless!

From one of our top searches on the Doyoueven website, again and again - we heard your unreturned searches loud and clear. It was time to do Scrunch. But, how to create Scrunch and make it unmistakably DYE?... We sat down with our Lead Female Designer, Leah to ask her how DYE Scrunch Seamless came to be.

DYE Scrunch Seamless Activewear Designs

What was the inspiration behind scrunch?
Scrunch was something that had actually been in our top searches on our website for months. I'd been hearing from everyone that Scrunch was THE thing; the warehouse, our CEO, athlete's, they just kept bringing up "scrunch bum". After lots of discussions, I decided that I wanted to set our scrunch aside from everyone elses, to create a unique scrunch bum set that girls couldn't get anywhere else! I said if we're doing Scrunch, we're doing seamless. We listen to our consumers closely and I love gaining as much feedback, either good or bad so I can create something special and highly desired by our customers.
I thought to myself "what could we do to make it ours, to make it Doyoueven?" and voila we have the dual stripes! We often play on dual stripes in correlation to our mark logo.

Fashion Illustration Design Files on Laptop Screen DYE Scrunch

What is your design process?
I'm sure every designer has their own process that works for them. Whatever is most efficient and makes sense to you, go for it!
If I had to break my process down for you it would go:
    • Research competitors
    • Compare qualities of competitors
    • Sketch multiple designs on paper
    • Create digital design files and send off to manufacturers - discuss details
    • Research and discuss potential colourways
    • Sample a range of pantones in chosen fabric blend
    • Round 1 samples - fit check, design check, fabric check, wear and wash test
    • Update design files accordingly and send off to manufacturers - discuss details
    • Round 2 samples - check changes and amendments
    • Update design files accordingly and send off to manufacturers - discuss details
    • Round 3 samples - check changes and amendments.
    • Update design files accordingly and send off to manufacturers - discuss details
    • Receive final production sample in all 3 chosen colourways


Not including the issues along the way, always expect problems to pop up, but always act quickly with solutions! Some problems can delay production more than you'd like so never sit on them unless it's for testing. To me it's a challenge, nothing good ever comes easy right?

Fashion Designer Holds Sample Up To Examine - DYE Scrunch Seamless

How do you pick what colours to produce?
Love love love seeing all the colours we can do! However sometimes we do get stuck on choosing only a selected few haha.
I will normally do a bit of market research and see what colours consumers are wearing and outfitting, I'll also check in with Marketing and Customer Service to see if there are any frequently requested colours. I'll then do some stock reports on what are our top colours and what colours to avoid developing. Collecting as much data on colours is so vital, there is no point in choosing what I like personally, it's about what you guys like and what works best in a range overall.

Specifically with Scrunch though, we went a little different with first round colours than we normally do. We decided to do two basic colourways (black and grey) instead of anything vibrant, as we know the ladies love their basics. Scrunch is already so loud and detailed within it's design that the colour was not our priority within the first release. The Bright Teal though literally lights up any room, it's our brand colour so it made sense to launch Scrunch with our signature shade. It is so vibrant and fun that not even a colour fan will be in awe. HOWEVER for all the colour lovers, do not fear! We have some bright goodies in store for Scrunch in the next few months, so, keep an eye out! 

DYE Scrunch Sports Bra and Pantone Colour Wheel

How long was the Scrunch Seamless process?
What year is it again? But, seriously, from start to finish… Oh golly, excluding production and delivery it'd be about 8-9 months creating. Because seamless scrunch is a new technology, it took a little bit longer to perfect and get everything in order. I am not going to put something into production that I'm not happy with, and neither is our team!
I hope all the effort and the time spent on these pieces are noticed and girl's absolutely love them!

DYE Scrunch Seamless Fit Model is measured dow the leg

What’s your personal favourite DYE Scrunch colour so far?
Oooooooooh normally I'm a black on black girl but the Grey Marl is 👌. I also vibe the Bright Teal whenever I see it on someone else though. Can't wait to see all the colourways we make this range in!

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DYE Scrunch Seamless will launch in Black, Grey Marl & Teal on the 27th of May at 12pm AEST (unless you sign up for pre-release!)
DYE Scrunch Seamless Black - Portrait of model wearing activewear in studio
DYE Scrunch Seamless Teal - Portrait of model wearing activewear in studio
DYE Scrunch Seamless Grey Marl - Portrait of model wearing activewear in studio

Want a bigger sneak peak? Check out our Pinterest Scrunch Board right HERE

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by jazmin on November 03, 2021

I love it!