Meet DYE Athlete Elle Edwards!

March 09 2019
Meet DYE Athlete Elle Edwards!

If there’s one girl that will get you excited for HIIT it’s Elle! Always providing new movements and workouts, Elle is such an enthusiastic inlfuencer who knows the challenge of weight loss and self motivation. For outfit inspo, hauls and all things fitness - check out her YouTube @ Livefitelle & Instagram @livefitelle.


Read our Q&A on Elle to get to know her a bit more.

What’s mantra do you live by? ‘Fall in love with taking care of yourself’

Your go-to workout is... HIIT!

What do you never leave the house without? A bottle of water - hydration is key!

What is your favourite food? All Asian food is life

What is your guilty pleasure? Pizza

Why did you choose to begin a fitness journey? I gained a substantial amount of weight when I started university and wanted to make a positive change in my life!

What are your out of gym hobbies? Dancing, gymnastics and travel

Do you have a favourite DYE piece? Seamless of course

Where do you hope to be in the next 3 years? Graduating from law school and building my brand to help as many people as possible to achieve their fitness goals!

What’s some advice you want to pass on? The time is never going to feel right, stop making excuses and just do it. Once you fall in love with taking care of yourself, results are inevitable.


ELLE EDWARDS has a few personal words for you all!