Foam Rollers and Mats

October 13 2020
Foam Rollers and Mats

Introducing, Doyoueven Foam Rollers and Exercise Mats!


Doyoueven is always striving to create purposeful products for the athlete within, and this of course lead us to fitness accessories and equipment to help aid and push you further on that journey.
We're proud to introduce our Foam Rollers and Studio Exercise Mats. For those workout and recovery sessions at-home, outdoors or in the gym. We've got you covered.

Designed to help relieve tightened muscles, targeting key muscle groups to aid recovery, soreness & inflammation. Our Foam Roller will also promote relaxation, range of motion and injury prevention. Try adding the Doyoueven Foam Roller to your weekly routine and start feeling the benefits today.

The perfect at-home or on-the-go workout accessory, the Doyoueven Studio Mat is an eco-friendly TPE 6mm mat. Designed with double layer anti-tear, non-slip texture , cushioning and resilience; this extra large mat (183cm x 61cm) is perfect for any type of exercise. Available in 3 colours and prints: Blue/Black, Purple/Pink and Green/Black.