Impact Seamless

September 26 2019
Impact Seamless

2/10/2019 12PM AEST

Thought you couldnt love Impact Seamless anymore? Well what if we told you three new amazing colours were about to be released?

Cue excited screams... NOW!



Get excited for the three new colours you are going to DYE for; Earth Red, Plum Purple and Olive Green. Perfect for the girl who loves a pop of colour, but prefers more muted and earthy shades.

After much, much, MUCH asking, we have FINALLY brought in an Earth Red colour way, channelling the vibes from our original Burgundy DYE Seamless design. The Earth Red Impact is the exact same colour as our beloved Hyperflex Seamless set; the warm tone allowing it to suit any skin colour. Secondly, we know you all loved the Plum Purple in our Hyperflex design, so why not offer it again? The Plum Purple is much darker than our original Mauve Purple (different enough for you to get both). Last, but definitely not least, let us introduce our brand new colour... Olive Green! Lighter and warmer than our Forest Green, Olive is the perfect shade for everyone.


For those of you who haven’t already experienced the impact of these seamless sets (see what we did there), we’re going to give you a quick run down of everything you need to know about these high-waisted wonders below.




Let’s start with the main player - the leggings. If you haven’t already tried these sets yourself (first of all, where have you been all our lives?), we know you’ve at least SEEN them. There’s a reason they’re all over your Instagram - firm, flattering and super quick-drying, these babies will hug and support you in all the right places while you’re at your next sweat sesh. The high-waist band features a double layer that not only stay in place, but is extremely form flattering, smoothing any tummy lumps and bumps! The fabric is soft but firm, and features an outer ribbed design that works with the contour pattern to hug and flatter your natural shape. Speaking of flatter, let’s talk about the key feature of these babies - THE CONTOUR!


Okay, so we know this is the REAL reason you came; the signature contour design. The contrasting contours sit at all the right places, highlighting and shaping your calves, quads and of course, the booty! The darker, ribbed detailing works to simultaneously compress and shape the outter legs and hips, while the marle accents allow room to stretch, while highlighting your natural shape.




Featuring an open back design, the Impact Crop was created with flexibility of movement and breathability in mind. The thin adjustable straps allow for a comfortable, unrestrictive fit, working with the seamless material to achieve ultimate comfort and medium support.


The prices of the new Impact sets will be the same as the originals - $45AUD for the crop and $78 for the leggings.


Don’t just listen to us, hear it from our gals who are lucky enough to already have their hands on the sets.

We’ll see you on the 2nd.

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