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Meet DYE Athlete Jaz Correll!

Meet DYE Athlete Jaz Correll!

Our Aussie girl Jaz has not only changed her life around with fitness but also aims to help others do the same for themselves. Striving to educate and guide people into a healthier lifestyle Jaz can’t wait to meet you guys that are coming to the Melbourne Arnies!


Read our Q&A on Jaz to get to know her a bit more.

What’s mantra do you live by? “There’s never going to be a perfect time, it’s up to you to create it.”

Your go-to workout is... Shoulders!

What do you never leave the house without? My headphones and a good podcast

What is your guilty pleasure? Nachos and anything Mexican!

Why did you choose to begin a fitness journey? I was sick of feeling rundown all of the time. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change if I wanted to be my best and most successful self. I had massive career goals and I knew that if I wanted to achieve them, I had to look after myself first. As I started to get healthier and more fit, I become absolutely addicted and never looked back.

What are your out of gym hobbies? Traveling the globe and experiencing cultures. I also love socialising, connecting with people and finding out what makes someone who they are (that’s why my degree is in psych). Oh and I LOVE to bake!

Do you have a favourite DYE piece? I absolutely love the Impact Seamless (Sky Blue is my favourite colour). They are so flattering, fun and comfortable! But I would have to say that the Excel Shorts and Crop are my favourite pieces to train in. I get so sweaty… I’m a shorts kind of girl lol.
Where do you hope to be in the next 3 years? Continue to grow my company, MADStrength, by having a large online base and a local hub that has an incredible community of like-minded, health obsessed people. I want to  create a contagious space where everyone feels inspired to be their best and in their healthiest state. I want to create a space where I can have a huge impact on others who then make a huge impact on those around them and so on.  

What’s some advice you want to pass on? Remember that everyone starts somewhere. Don’t be overwhelmed by your journey and goals. Know why you want this and focus on always taking steps in the right direction. An “always something” kind of attitude is better in the long run that a quick fix “all or nothing” type of approach.