Project: Sweat With Us

March 09 2021
Project: Sweat With Us


When it comes to training, we understand that getting started is hard, and putting in the effort is even harder. 

Here at Doyoueven, we wanted to create a garment that keeps you accountable to your training and effort.

Introducing VictoryDrip- our latest in sweat activated apparel 💦



We dived into the Doyoueven Lab and got our thinking caps on. If you’re an individual that trains, you know first hand how hard it can be to get started and to keep yourself accountable to a great workout.

There’s a consistent internal dialogue that hinders on the motivation of all athletes when it comes to training:

‘I can’t.’
‘I don’t want to.’
‘It’s too early.’
‘It’s too late.’
‘I’m tired.’
‘I’ve had a long day.

However, we also uncovered one strong commonality that’s consistent with all athletes no matter their age, or walk of life. That commonality is: We All Sweat.

We decided to take our research and create an innovative collection that not only re-enforces work ethic, but also leaves you feeling a sense of achievement; where you can not only be accountable to yourself, but you can inspire others to do the same.

All garments feature a hidden message, embedded within the fabric, that is revealed when you cross that personal threshold and the garment is completely soaked through. We understand the ‘high’ you achieve through Sweat and the sense of accomplishment you have from a great workout. We want you to feel that accomplishment and Sweat With Us to be #DrippingInVictory.


Human Sweat primarily consists of Sodium and Chloride. Trace elements of potassium, urea, lactate, amino acids, bicarbonate and calcium can also be found when perspiring and is utilised by the body as a coping mechanism to cool down once the body starts to overheat.

Your sweat activates a hidden heat printed message; When your sweat soaks into the fabric, it reacts with the print. Hidden motivational messages can be found on the front of the Tanks / T-Shirts as well as a map of the Dandenong Ranges, located in Melbourne Australia, which pays tribute to where the brand was founded in 2012.

The VictoryDrip Womens Sweat Activated Tank

Ladies, we've found your new go-to tank top! Our womens sweat activated tank comprises of a soft yet stretchy 95/5 cotton and elastane blend and features our signature regular fit tank top cut.

Put your effort to the test and sweat through the regular fit tank to reveal 3 different hidden messages in 6 unique colourways.

Our VictoryDrip Tank is $35.00 AUD

The VictoryDrip Mens Sweat Activated Drop Tee


Powering that next sweat session 💦

We want you to #SweatWithUs and show the people around you that you’ve been taking your workout to the next level.

Our all new VictoryDrip range combines our ever popular Mens Drop Tee made from your favourite blend of 95/5 cotton and elastane material. The VictoryDrip Drop Tee features sweat activated printed technology which reveals a hidden message when exposed to moisture.

Available across 3 sweat revealing designs and 6 versatile colourways, giving you a wide range of options to Leave Your Mark in.

Our VictoryDrip Tank is $40.00 AUD 

We can't for you to #SweatWithUs and be #DrippingInVictory 💪