Style Edit: DYE Scrunchies!

May 05 2020
Style Edit: DYE Scrunchies!
Doyoueven is bringing you some style tips to get creative at home!
With unlimited amounts of home-time on our hands, what better way to break up the days with trying out some new scrunchie-styles to go with your workout or wind downs.

We've put together 6 scrunchie hair styles easy enough to master at home, but fab enough for the 'gram ;) 
Paired with our Doyoueven Active Scrunchies these are the perfect add on accessories for any DYE Set!

Available in 5 colours - there's a scrunchie to suit every mood!
Active Scrunchie Hairstyle Doyoueven

"High Ponys for High Intensity!"
Perfect for that HIIT or run you've been putting off, (ugh cardio) this OG style is a winner every time.

Active Scrunchie Hairstyle Doyoueven
"Low Plaits and Low Squats"
Keep your hair off your face and out of the way when working those weighted workouts.
Active Scrunchie Hairstyle Doyoueven
"Messy bun equals serious business!"
Hair up, world off - it's 100% you time when the hair is in an I-don't-care bun.
Active Scrunchie Hairstyle Doyoueven
"This fishtail too way too long to ruin."
Precision plaits deserve attention and recognition we reckon!
Active Scrunchie Hairstyle Doyoueven
"Party up the top, business down the bottom."
Short on time but still want to look cute, a half braid is the way to go!
Active Scrunchie Hairstyle Doyoueven
"LISS workout ready!"
The easiest till last, low and secure - the low pony is easy and effective for working out or winding down.
Which is your fav? Tag us at @doyouevenwomen so we can see your fav DYE Scrunchie Style!