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It's APP-ening!

It's APP-ening!

The Doyoueven App is here 🥳 🎉



Get ready Doyoueven Army! 

You know we’re normally all about going that extra 1%, well not this time... We’ve gone an extra 1000% to completely transform your shopping experience! 

Let us explain. So, you know when you’re mid-workout and you say to your bestest training BFF: 

“I really wish Doyoueven had a super awesome app so we could more easily shop for our favourite activewear!” 

Well, guess what - we totally say that too! In fact, we talked about it so much that we decided to build one! #yourewelcome 😎

Driven by our warrior mindset, we are on a constant mission to improve everything we do. Our brand new app is the next step in creating the ✨ultimate customer experience ✨ making picking up your favourite Doyoueven goodies easier than ever before. 

Our brand new app is fuller than a stolen treasure chest (without the pirates ☠️ 🦜), stacked with amazing features and benefits ready for you to discover and enjoy.

You can expect:

  • Exclusive ‘app only’ sales and collections
  • Browsing experience optimised for mobile
  • Quick checkout via Apple or Google pay
  • A brand new rewards program 
  • Direct communications so you’ll never miss out on any new drops or sales.

Yep, you read that right - Doyoueven app 🤝 App exclusive sales and collections.

So…. with a brand new app launch, comes a new exclusive collection AND an app-only sale! What better way to celebrate this milestone event, right..?!

For the first 5 days after we launch, we’re taking 31% OFF any purchase you make through the Doyoueven app 🙌🏼 

Simply download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play, add the code at checkout and BOOM! 31% OFF is secure!

But what’s the code?! And what’s this app-only collection you speak of..? 

Both excellent questions! Keep reading to find out 😝

Only through the Doyoueven app will you find our latest drop - the Everyday Collection! 

When we say we are obsessed with this collection, we mean We. Are. Obsessed! Hello new office uniform 😍 A picture is worth 1000 words so have a little sneak peek below… 

This is all pretty exciting so far, right? Your muscles are pumping, your heart is racing and you’re ready to jump into this epic shopping experience immediately. Well, hold onto your dumbbells for just a moment longer because it gets even better…

We’re always looking to give back and say thank you to our amazing Doyoueven community (yes, that’s you!) for continuously inspiring and driving us to put our best foot forward. With this in mind, please give a warm welcome to Doyoueven's amazing new rewards program! 

You’ve been out there leaving your mark and now it’s time to Earn 🏋️‍♂️ Your 🏋️‍♂️ Marks 🏋️‍♂️ 

(Why earn boring old points when you can earn exciting new Marks..?!)

There are many ways to earn Marks within our super smart and fancy app including placing an order, referring a friend and letting us know when to celebrate your birthday. 

Once you’ve collected those Marks, you can redeem them for goodies like free shipping, specialty items and CASH 🤑(ok, not literally the paper stuff your parents carried around, cash discounts baby!). 

Sounds pretty awesome right? Yeah, we think so too! 

If you already have a Doyoueven account then you’re already on your way to rewards town *choo choo* 🚂 And if you don't, that's okay, the train hasn’t left the station just yet, you can easily make an account through the app and get on board. 

So, what are you waiting for..?! Download the Doyoueven app right now and secure an exclusive discount, an exclusive collection and don’t forget to share this with your bestest training BFF 😉💪🏼

We’re constantly looking to improve and enhance your experience with Doyoueven and we absolutely love hearing from you! Be sure to jump onto our Doyoueven Army Facebook group and tell us what you love or what we can make better. 

That was a lot to take in, hey? Congratulations on making it to the end you superstar 🌟Once you have the app, don’t forget to enter the code ‘DYE31’ at the checkout to take 31% OFF your purchase!

With love and muscles, Team DYE// ❤️   

1 comment
by A on September 01, 2022

Loving the new app but I want to see the face behind the blogger…..where those muscles at you speak of haha